Pre/Postnatal Fitness

Fourth Trimester Fit is a six-week fitness program designed specially for postpartum women.  Following child birth, your body needs time to heal, recover, build strength and stamina.  Our goal is to help you do this in the safest and most supportive environment possible, this includes considerations for POP (pelvic organ prolapse) and other core dysfunction.  These one-hour classes give you the opportunity to focus on YOU and your own health.  It will also allow you to connect and socialize with other new moms going through similar experiences.

 As certified trainers (and moms!) we understand that the “fourth trimester” is probably the most difficult one.  You are expected to care for a new life (and perhaps others!) when you are starved for sleep and your body has just been through the ringer.  Not only that, your other life responsibilities (from carrying an infant or toddler to heavy bags of groceries — or both at the same time!) put demands on your body that you might not be ready for.  Building this FUNCTIONAL fitness level for real life is a key component of this program.

Areas of focus include:

Breath work

Core engagement

Rebuilding core stability

Posture and alignment

Pelvic Floor awareness

You will be “postpartum” for the remainder of your life, so let’s make sure you are moving safely, effectively, and with purpose in this new journey!  We are here to help you set your health goals in the most welcoming and supported atmosphere possible.  Reach out to us at to sign up now.